So what is it that we do?

CEO's message


A company is best described by the people behind it and so a summary of my company is essentially a resume of me and my team. The links above shall tell you about our skill set, staff, portfolio, etc, but if you want to know what makes us tick, then read on.


We have been described as a bunch of mavericks, a band of IT rebels, trendsetters and a whole lot of other things. I think we are a little of each. We choose to stand out; we love to impress. That's who we are. But the important thing is that we do this through our work. Our work is a reflection of us. Hence our work will have a little bit of class, a dash of panache and a whole lot of pride.

Pride is important to us. Making the cut is not good enough. We need to set the bar for others to follow. It's not uncommon to find one of our designers still tweaking the layout of a website long after the client has signed off on it. Or of a developer optimizing a perfectly working set of code so that the client shall not run into issues 7 years down the line.

With us, delivering more than what people expect is not just a business policy. It's a personality trait that all on our team suffer from.

- Khozaima Motiwala, CEO

Recent News


Zamtek Solutions has tied up with One Solution to extend its marketing reach in Europe.

Zamtek will now be able to provide it's European clients the same high quality services which have made the company popular in the US.