Company Profile

"Young but experienced"

The above holds very true for us. Zamtek Solutions was started in early 2003 and as an organization is still very young. However, the team behind it has over 150 years of collective experience in web and software development. It is this rich experience combined with the infectious enthusiasm of a young company that puts us ahead of most others.

And ahead we have been, in terms of our quality, in terms of growth. Starting off with only 6 employees in May '03, today, in just four years time we have more than tripled our strength to 21. Most would have been happy with this kind of growth, but we are looking to add another 12 resources by the end of 2008!

Working with some of the top clients acts as a perfect catalyst to give our best. A 'push the limit' attitude drives each one of us to perform better. It is in this environment that our team of programmers, designers and content writers work in. Ours is a team which is cohesive, competent and competitive. Most importantly, it is a team committed to the client.