A Typical Day at Zamtek

A typical day at Zamtek begins with a set of challenges...and a quiet confidence that each challenge will be met by the end of the day.

The first task of the day would be to get briefed by your project manager. If you are a developer you would then settle in to write code with frequent brainstorming to figure out a seemingly unsolvable technical problem.

If you are a designer, then you are pushing the limits of your imagination to create that wow design which the client wants and expects from us.

If you are a project manager, you will probably be talking to the client or managing your team or doing QA or at times all at once.

If you are working on 3SmartCubes, our in-house project, then you are probably having a spirited discussion with your colleagues on how to design the next product or planning a new marketing strategy to boost sales.

Of course, in between all this you will be taking short breaks where you will find yourself perched on a bar stool in the dining area overlooking Eden Gardens whilst sipping on a fresh cup of tea.

The day draws to a close with submitting your work and a debriefing session with your project manager. You leave for home with quiet satisfaction at a job well done.