We feel it's important to have an office which inspires each employee to give his best. The office should be such that one looks forward to getting there every morning. It should be such that one enjoys each minute spent in it. After all you can't create world class software sitting in a place that is not stimulating.

Zamtek Solutions has its offices on the 15th floor of Chatterjee International, giving it a bird's eye view of the city of Kolkata (Calcutta). The sight is not just inspirational, but also a great way to relax between writing code and creating designs.

The office itself has world class communication facilities which allow us to chat, call and video conference with clients across the world. We have a central power backup facility which ensures that not a minute is lost due to a power outage. Also, we will soon be turning into a 24x7 operation so that we can service our foreign clients throughout their daytime.

We have an in-house cafeteria and a recreational area where team members can take breaks between the long hours that are a norm at Zamtek.

Besides all this, our office is situated on Chowringhee which is the heart of Calcutta's central business district. As a result it's an easy commute from any place in the city.