Our Team

"Our Asset"

Ours is a team which is cohesive, competent and competitive. Most importantly, it is a team committed to the client.

Khozaima Motiwala - Founder & CEO

After finishing his aeronautics in 1999, Khozaima plunged into the world of software and worked on various technologies and projects in a freelance capacity and as a member of large organizations.

Within a short span he discovered that there was a dearth of companies providing quality software for medium sized projects. Whilst all the quality and professionalism was reserved for big clients and huge projects, middle sized companies and their projects always got shortchanged. Realizing that this presented an opportunity, Khozaima started Zamtek Solutions in May '03 to cater to this demand.


  1. Zainab Motiwala - CFO


  1. Subho Nath - Sr. Project Manager
  2. Sougat Hajra - Project Manager
  3. Pinaki Chakraborty - Sr. Developer
  4. Surajit Ray - Team Leader
  5. Souvik Sengupta - Developer
  6. Avik Chatterjee - Developer
  7. Rupam Baul - Developer
  8. Madhava Raj Warrier - Developer
  9. Subham Mukherjee - Developer
  10. Harsha Kotagiri - Developer


  1. Atanu Banerjee - Sr. Designer and Multimedia Specialist
  2. Tasneem Motiwala - Designer
  3. Pradip Saha - Web Designer
  4. Mohini Gupta - Web Designer
  5. Subhadip Dasgupta - Web Designer

In-house Projects

  1. Farghana Hussain - Project Manager - and
  2. Khalid Pervez - Content Writer
  3. Tasneem Rangoonwala - SEO Trainee

Office Administration

  1. Suparna Paul

Office Help

  1. Swarup Guria