First For Property - London property website.

Description: First For Property is a leading London property website which caters to the needs of landlords and tenants. It has a ready online database of all sorts of companies that you would need to look and manage your property. This would include - real estate agents, tradesmen such as electricians, plumbers, gas engineers and removal men, advisors such as solicitors and surveyors, etc. The website provides easy to use listings to look for these companies. For e.g. you could search for a plumber based on area, zip code and even the nearest tube station!

Spokes Communication - Website for an advertising firm

Description: Spokes Communications is a young Canadian advertising firm. Advertising would not be a fair description of their services as the firm focuses on the overall branding of their client rather than just advertising their product. Their website communicates exactly that.

First Source Jewelery - Website selling exclusive jewelry center

Description: First Source Jewelry is a distributor of exclusive jewelry. Founded by industry veterans with over 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry, First Source commits to bringing the highest quality products to dealers across the United States. The website we created for them has a product catalogue design befitting a jewelry seller.

Strategic Development - Brochure site for a Leadership Trainer

Description: Over the last 25 years, Boeing, Bayer, Microsoft, GlaxoSmithKline, the National Society of Professional Engineers, the CIA, and nearly 400 other organizations have all consulted George Smart for leadership development and executive coaching. When George needed a website he was looking for someone who would showcase his tremendous experience and his talent in bringing about tangible changes in people's lives and businesses. He also wanted to specifically highlight his USP - Leadership Development Simulations. He chose us and in turn we created a website which did justice to this amazing man.

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