Perfectly You - Web presence for a popular TV show

Description: is the official website for the popular American TV fitness show by the same name. The show is hosted by film and television actress Deena Dill who has starred in hit shows including ER and Boston Legal. The website besides offering information on the TV show features videos from the show; has a store which sells fitness products; and the highlight of the site - a personalized fitness program.

MyRiskControl - Risk Management Website

Description: MyRiskControl was started in 2007 by a group of insurance, bonding, and construction experts who were disappointed with the overwhelmingly high rate of business failure in the construction industry. Most of these failures were due to poor understanding of the risks involved. A company specializing in risk management for the construction industry was just waiting to happen. MyRiskControl needed to go online where customers could come to them, their risk could be assessed, analyzed and controlled. They needed an online solution through which their consultants could advise the customers. They needed an automated system which would manage their internal billing for this consultancy service. They came to us. We did it for them.

SalesXtra - Online testing program

Description: SalesXtra, a division of Total Performance Group Pty Ltd, is into assisting organizations to obtain, maintain and develop high quality business better than anyone else. An important component of their services is the training program for sales managers and executives. This is done through an online module where their clients take training courses on various aspects of sales strategies and tactics and then are tested and ranked on the same.

Cartridge World

Cartridge World - Pre-sales Management System

Description: Cartridge World is the world leader in inkjet and cartridge refilling. Headquartered in Adelaide, Australia, the company has over 1600 franchises all over the world. In India itself it has over a 100. These franchises needed a pre-sales management system which would allow their marketing teams to receive an enquiry, process it and deliver the proposal to the client all within a few minutes. We created a web system for them which did this and allowed them to track and analyze sales leads which then helped in fine-tuning their sales strategy.

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