sportsmonster - Chicago based company which conducts recreational sports leagues

Description: This website is for a Chicago based company which conducts recreational sports leagues across the US. Some of these sports are - Basketball, Billiards, Bowling, Football, Golf, Ski, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, etc. The website's customers can signup, add their teams, schedule events, track scores, etc through the site. The USP of this site is the smart architecture which allows the owners to adapt it for the various sports and cities they cater to.

C & N Brothers - Cyprus based property agents

Description: CN Brothers is a Cyprus based property developer focusing on custom built residential properties. The website features all the current properties of CN Brothers as well as telling a bit about the company itself. The website targets foreign buyers and so it also organizes Inspection or Viewing trips to the properties for prospective buyers. It also gives a brief on Cyprus for the benefit of these prospective foreign buyers. This is a white label website.

Skin2Hide - Exclusive garment boutique

Description: A collaboration between life partners Tatiana von Zitzewitz and Anthony Landau brought about Skin2Hide in 2002. They have a simple objective - create garments and accessories that are exquisite in design and unique in character. The website was built to reflect this. The site is positioned as a very up market boutique rather than a regular ecommerce website. This is a white label website.

First Source Mobile - Online store for branded cellular phones

Description: First Source Mobile is a distributor of cellular phones and accessories. It works closely with brands like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony. We gave them a website which had a clean and crisp design with a dash of the 'tech' look. The entire site is built around the Zen Cart Ecommerce Framework.

Global Search Light - Global fashion forum

Description: This is a website which connects people in fashion around the world. This includes Brands, Agents, Licensees, PR Agencies, Manufacturers and Individuals. Each can look for the other to form strategic partnerships. This is a white label website.

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