Working With the Right-size Company?

Have you ever been in a situation where you have felt that your vendor just doesn't care about you? That once your vendor has bagged the order they have failed to provide you the service they promised and worse still, have no intention of making amends? Most probably you were working with a company which was just too large for your project. Ask yourself this - what percentage of your vendor's turnover would your project's budget be? We know it's difficult to come up with an accurate figure, but do hazard a guess. If it's less than 5% then you have a problem. This means that your vendor is doing 20 other projects like yours in a year. Unless you are working with a Fortune 500 company, the chances are that your vendor is not giving their best to each project!

Let's look at the other end of the spectrum. Have you ever worked with a vendor which always seems to be overwhelmed by your project? A vendor who despite trying his best keeps coming up short on quality and deadlines? Chances are you were working with a company which was just too small for your project. A company which needs to pool in all their resources to execute your project is NOT the company you want to work with. Imagine what would happen to your project if even a single employee of theirs left!

The kind of company you need to work with is one which is not too big to care for you and at the same time large enough to handle any contingencies. One which values you as a client, yet you are not their ONLY client. At Zamtek, we focus on projects which are budgeted between $10 and $50K. Our capacity allows us to do about 10 such projects in a year without ever compromising on standards or client expectations. You will be one of our ten clients for the year. Losing you means losing 10% of our business which is simply unacceptable. Yet having the capacity to do ten projects like yours means we are never going to be overwhelmed by your work.

Bottom-line is if your project is between $10 and $50K, then we are a company which would lose its sleep over the thought of losing your project, yet would NOT lose its sleep worrying HOW to execute your project.