"Successful people don't do different things, they just do things differently."

Many a times the answer to a complex problem lies in using a different approach. After all doing the same thing again & again is going to produce the same results.


"Look before you leap"

At Zamtek we have a variation to this -"Plan before you Program". Good planning not only speeds up the software development process but also eliminates the possibility of errors cropping up when it is too late.


"Ever wondered why the hard Oak tree gets destroyed but the soft Eucalyptus tree manages to survive the storm?"

Rigidity is the sure fire formula for failure. The only way to survive and thrive is by being flexible. We at Zamtek remember this at all times but never more than when dealing with our clients.


"Tough times don't last only tough guys do"

Our strong belief in this fact is what sets us apart from others. It is amazing to see so many talented people fail simply because they did not have the will to stick it out.


"Specialization is for ants, humans should be able to laugh, sing, talk, cook, run, smile and do all those wonderful things."

No problem worth solving can be done so with only narrow one-dimensional knowledge. It takes experience and expertise in a variety of areas to be able to get anywhere.