Web Applications

Web applications are a very broad category which encompasses portals, CRMs, SCMs, information management systems, etc. In fact a web application is best described as any software application with a web interface. At Zamtek we offer the following types of web applications:

Integration of existing systems

Quite often what happens is that a company over a period of time builds up various software systems. For e.g. you may have a system which would handle sales, another which handles production and again another which handles finance. Since each has been built differently (and usually at different times), they don't talk to each other. As a result when data is to be transferred from one system to another it needs to be re-entered manually. This takes time, costs money and worst, is not free of errors. Another drawback is that companies can never produce the analytical reports which cover an entire order cycle and hence lose out on insightful data which can help them refine their business strategies. At such times it becomes imperative for companies to get a unified central system.

We do this in either of two ways - creating bridge software which will link one system to another thereby automatically allowing data to flow between systems. The second method is to create a central system from ground up which will replace all the existing systems. We study your case and then suggest which one shall work for you.

Webifying offline systems

A software system which was previously used by people within the same office area now needs to be used by people across the globe. That's when your existing offline or desktop system becomes painfully inadequate. Quite often we have seen large corporations producing Excel reports and mailing them to their various departments in different countries, dozens of times a day!

In such cases it makes a whole lot of sense to webify your existing systems so that they can be accessed by people irrespective of where they are.

Customer-Facing Systems

As companies grow, their customer base grows. Customers who were previously being serviced over the phone can no longer be done so because of the overwhelming number of customer queries. In such instances it's imperative that a company reaches out to its customers over the web. Be it in providing them account statements, account details, options to renew or upgrade their subscription plans, pose queries or access information, a customer-facing solution can go a very long way in reducing the load on your company's customer support staff. This means lesser employees and hence reduced costs.

Customers too, today prefer to interact with a website rather than speak to a human. Hence a customer-facing solution scores a huge plus with your customers too.